Trade with Us

Trade with Us

How do you work your trades at Cap'n Games, Inc.?

Trading with The Cap'n is easy!
We always give up to 1/2 (50%) our selling price for your items, and we take everying back to Atari 2600, in store credit good towards other in-stock items!

This means if you bring in a game, we look it up to see what it would sell for. If we sell it for $19.99, you'll get $10.00 in store credit on your free store account (a free account is required to manage the credit & track the trades).
As pricing changes frequently, you may trade in a game which is worth a price today, but goes up or down in a few days. What we'll sell the game for in the future doesn't apply once your store credit is applied to your account. This means if you traded in a Modern Warfare 3 when we sold it for $34.99, and if you received $17.50 in store credit, you would still get that amount, even though we might have dropped the price to $19.99 (as of 1/9/13 - $5.99 on 360 or $4.99 on PS3; as of 8/16/20).

If you want to receive a quote in advance of coming into our retail store, please email a list of what you have to trade in. You can email "sales a-t capngames d-o-t com" (or use the Contact Us page.

Please remember, if you're planning on bringing a bunch of stuff into the store, it takes time to process your trade-ins (especially if we're busy and there's only one person working). If you email us your detailed list beforehand, you'll know about how much credit you can get before you even leave the house!

Note: We base our pricing on a number of factors, including the condition of the game you're trading in, the completeness of the game (box/book/map, ,etc.) as well as how many we actually have of something. To get up to half of our selling price, just keep good care of your item, keep everything it came with and, assuming we don't have too many of the item already, you're set!

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