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Details Product Information For those who haven't played Extreme-G, up to four players take control of futuristic, magnetic bikes and race against one another on a variety of planets. While racing is at the heart of the game, there are so many weapons and power-ups that shooting and destruction also become a major part of the gameplay experience. Developer Probe invested a lot of time to add plenty of features, improve the Battle Mode, and up the top-speed of bikes to Wipeout proportions. You can even break the sound barrier and hear a sonic boom that then drowns out all other audio until you slow down below Mach 1. There are 12 different tracks, each with 3 variations, an improved Battle Mode with slow-moving tanks, a multiplayer Cup (up to 16 players compete in two-player split-screen competitions), as well as a contest mode with three cups, three difficulties, plus an added Duel Challenge. Product Identifiers Publisher Acclaim Entertainment Game Extreme-G 2 UPC 021481641674 Key Features Platform Nintendo 64 ESRB Rating E - Everyone Genre Racing Tech Details ESRB Descriptor Mild Animated Violence Control Elements Gamepad, Joystick Number of Players 1-4 Release Year 1998 Game Special Features Control has been greatly improved. The bikes handle better and you don't smash into tracksides as much. Fogging has been reduced to give a deeper viewing distance. There are 12 different tracks, each with 3 variations. Wider tracks make for better navigation and better races. New weapons, like Rear-Fire Rockets and rail guns. Improved camera (switch with D-Pad) Characters. Four-player head-to-head mode. Ghost racers Improved Battle Mode with slow-moving tanks. Multiplayer Cup (up to 16 players compete in two-player split-screen competitions). Contest mode with three cups, three difficulties, plus an added Duel Challenge. Time Trial Mode Practice Arcade Mode (shoot targets) Support Elements Controller Pak, Memory Card, Rumble Pak, Vibration Function Compatible Also Available In This Platforms PC Games, Windows Game Series Extreme-G

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