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Games Explosion! is a compilation of 16 small games divided into 5 categories.
  • Neon
    • Neon Square - a Pong variant
    • Sudoku - an adoption of the famous number puzzle
    • Tic Tac Toe - an adoption of the classic pen and paper game
  • Board
    • Checkers - a variant of the classic board game
    • Eliminate - a mastermind variant
  • Cyber
    • Ice Jumper - isometric game where the player has to jump between platforms made of ice without falling off. The screen is constantly scrolling vertically
    • MC Rudolf - a simple platform game that scrolls vertically. The player has to jump between platforms to gain height
    • Pizza Man - a Tapper variant where the player serves pizza to robots
    • Warehouse Man - a sokoban variant featuring robots
  • Zap
    • Avoider - a Pang variant
    • Music Pop - a music game where the player has to press the correct button when the notes reach an orange line
    • Pipemaster - a Pipe Mania variant
    • Space Shooter - a Space Invaders variant
  • Club
    • Blackjack - the classic card game
    • Crazy Bowling - a simple bowling game that users different meters for aim, spin and power
    • Darts - a simple dart game where a pointer is moving constantly and the player has to stop it at the right time

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