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Players take control of Raymond Bryce, who is a former "International Rescue Team" member. Raymond has a traumatic past, and has so far given his previous action-packed lifestyle away. It is only after a severe earthquake that he is called upon once again for his rescuing and emergency response expertise.

As Bryce, players view the game in a third-person view, and manoeuvre the character through many different environments in order to both track down a mysterious armed group, as well as find and rescue civilians caught up in the various environmental disasters that are unfolding.

By searching, calling-out to and rescuing non-playable characters, Bryce accumulates points that allow him to both unlock, upgrade and "buy" items that become available after certain set events. Further to this, players can then upgrade Raymond's skills directly. Strength, stamina and weapon skills are some of the available areas that can be improved.

Control in this game is varied. Apart from the more traditional over-the-shoulder perspective and control, Bryce may need to sprint and run towards the camera, he may need to swim and avoid underwater obstacles, he may need to perform basic first-aid on civilians, and he more commonly is involved in frantic shoot-outs. These segments of the game resemble the gameplay style of Time Crisis, where players may take cover and then emerge to fire upon many armed combatants. Bryce's arsenal is varied as well.

Within the various city and urban environments, Bryce needs to react accordingly to each given situation, and players are prompted beforehand on what particular control-method will need be employed via on-screen "help". He is called upon to use fire-extinguishers, drive different vehicles (away and towards the camera), and operate panels, doors and a multitude of life-like objects.

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