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Product Information
Discover new Pokemon in the Pokemon Black Version role-playing action video game for Nintendo DS. The story in this single-player Nintendo DS video game is about a young Pokemon trainer and his journey to get hold of Pokeman, train them and battle with them by traveling in the Unova region. Enjoy the adventure and challenges of catching wind Pokemons and using their skills against other trainers in the Pokemon Black Version video game. Catch the legendary Reshiram Pokemon in this Role-playing video game. Choose any one Pokemon from Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott during your interesting journey. The multiple new battle modes in this Nintendo DS video game add to your excitement and fun by offering you new ways to fight. With improved graphics, the Role-playing video game provides an exceptional gaming experience. Catch all the pokemons and be the best Pokemon master in the Pokemon Black Version video game.

Product Identifiers
Publisher Nintendo
Game Pokemon Black Version
UPC 045496741273

Key Features
Platform Nintendo DS
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
Genre RPG

Tech Details
ESRB Descriptor Comic Mischief, Mild Cartoon Violence
Number of Players 1-5
Release Year 2011
Game Special Features Features more than 150 never-before-seen Pokemon, more than any previous Pokemon video game has introduced. Until players complete the main adventure, they will only encounter these new Pokemon, creating a new experience that series fans and newcomers alike can enjoy for the first time.

Players assume the role of a young Pokemon Trainer who travels throughout the Unova region, catching and training Pokemon and battling other Trainers on a quest to become the Pokemon League Champion. Players must defeat other powerful Trainers while working to uncover the plans of the mysterious Team Plasma.

The in-game high-tech C-Gear lets players easily connect in a variety of ways. The C-Gear can connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and sync with the Pokemon Global Link. When users are playing locally, they can use the C-Gear to trade Friend Codes, trade Pokemon and battle seamlessly.

Using IR technology that is built into the game card, it's faster than ever to set up battles and trades with nearby friends.

Xtransceiver lets players using a Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL system connect via video chat using the system's camera. Up to four players can use the service locally, or two can use it via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (each player needs his or her own system).

For the first time in a Pokemon video game, the seasons will change in the game world. Certain Pokemon appear more frequently during particular seasons, and players can only access some areas during a specific season.

Pokemon Global Link lets players save their game data to a website and enjoy their Pokemon outside of the game. When accessing the Pokemon Global Link, players can visit and customize the Pokemon Dream World to play minigames and watch their Pokemon's dreams; they can access the Global Battle Union to view their world ranking; and they can connect to the Global Trade Station, which lets them view their trades with other players.

In a series first, the two games feature different areas. The game world of Pokemon Black Version features a unique metropolitan area called Black City. Some Pokemon are unique to this version of the game.

Support Elements Multi-cartridge Multiplay, Net Support
Game Series 3D Ultra Pinball

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