What condition is this item? After the title are the follow explanations of description:
(GAME) = Game cartridge or disc only.
(BOX) = Original box and cartridge/disc.
(COMPLETE) = Original box, book, cartridge/disc included.
(NEW) = Brand new, factory sealed.
(NM) = No Manual Included when NEW (new games have manuals on disc)
So if the title is "SUPER MARIO BROS. 3 (GAME)" then you know the game is cartridge only!
Note: If there is something major wrong with the game, we also list it here. For example: (BAD LABEL) = Something wrong with the label, possibly removed. Inquire for more information.

ASSORTMENT OF WII TITLES PRIMARILY. Here at CapnGames.com we get in well over 1000 items a week! Upon processing of these items, we look at each disc game to ensure it is Free of Defects within "1 buff or less" tolerance before the item is sent to our retail location. Anything that is NOT "1 buff or less" on our ECO Pro 2 machine, we run through the following process:

1. Game has minor scratches which could be removed within "1 buff or less" for the customer at our retail or warehouse location -> Item is processed and sent to retail.
2. Game is scratched and value of game is more than $4.99 -> Game gets sanded, buffed and polished out to "1 buff or less" and is tested to ensure quality.
3. Game is scratched and value of game is $4.99 or less -> Game goes into a Retro Game Lot.

Retro Game Lots are sold "as-is" and contain games that are either scratched or damaged, as listed above (irreparable damage should be less than 10% of total items in the game box, however, we just toss the discs in there when they're under $4.99 each).

This is a great way to make extra money. We don't have the time to repair these discs... labor is the #1 expense in any business. Labor for yourself and buy these Retro Game Lots today!

Only $99.99 gets you a minimum of 100 discs for a variety of all disc-based systems. We value these titles as $4.99 or less at our already low retail price. Inquire for more details.

Thanks for looking!

-The Cap'n

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